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tv   [untitled]    April 22, 2013 5:44am-6:14am PDT

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rewired the building with no license and broken elevators and because i have a section eight voucher i can't take them to the rent board but to the housing authority and with this housing authority it's easier to live with it and may may or may not deal with t i did appeal that the housing appeal let the landlord raise the rent above the payment standard because they didn't take the condition of my building into consideration but hud says they don't have to do that when calculating rent reasonableness for your unit and they can use other unit's rent frs that calculation as far as up to a mile away. in san francisco my tenderloin apartment can be more than a mile from knob hill. i fought the authority to even
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get a hearing for this case. they said i had no right but then gave me a hearing and the person representing the housing authority said it was ridiculous we were there because hud rules say i don't get a hearing for this. the argue was august 31, 2012 and the officer made her decision and that the housing authority does have to take the condition of the building in consideration with this. i do have a roof over my head for now but a low income tenant with no resources is also fearful of losing their home. fortunately i won't be ellis act out because of the size of the building and one always feels the push and they want the apartment soy they can make
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more money. these days there are so many trying for the apartment and the landlord could give a number of reasons and one reant know if they were discriminating. i would be happy to move into a mixed increase building one for lgbt seniors and one take my section eight voucher and i could really feel at home. terry frey. the second is from david allen. "for years in 2005 when i moved from new york i lived in a large room with light. i am a painter. it's for me to function. basically a sro. i don't feel feel poorer constrained. i am 76. my social security check covers my rent. i have no other income so i rely on life savings to provide health net and other care and extra money for making life decent. however that money is running out. i have
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prostate cancer since 2005 and had a stroke and seizure in the last year. i am fine but have to resort to medi-cal and can no longer another insurance. i can manage but the space i am in is not available to subsidies. with recent real estate developments in town prices and rentals being inflated but not simply available with a year's long waiting list and condo stale living becoming the fashion. the asmo fear of radical change is the building could be sold et cetera creates a state of on going anxiety and open housing for suitable change has me feel
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seriously on the edge. currently i am exhibiting paintings at visual aids gallery, a nonprofit for those with life threatening illness to encourage them to work. again the prospect of sales are remote because of the cost of promoting myself. frankly tight focused 1%ers. >> can i make a motion? coming out of the hearing today mr. chair and task force members we have enough information -- the motion i will be file signature motion to forward all of the information that we received today from the hearing over to the full task force for additional discussion if need be, but for additional items. something that we take right away and over to the board of supervisors and to the mayor's office on the concerns that we heard from the community today and some of the presenters as
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well. >> do i hear a second to that motion? >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> okay. we will forward the information onto the task force members. with this i will entertain a motion to adjourn? >> so moved. >> second. >> all in favor? thank you for coming to this hearing. your
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after school at 3. . 30 i hop on the bus and go to work with kids. i didn't realize i was going to get up that early for the rest of my life. >> it's hard to get good jobs. you can get well paid working at restaurants i was making good money that's not my 50 year goal working as a waitress. it would be better to have something to fall back on i wanted something where i would in 10 years accumulate properties. >> 3 months is a long time to be busy all day. i'm putting myself further in debt with the understanding it's worth the sacrifice.
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eating raman for 3 months. it's not fun but i think it will be worth it. >> we all want to graduate we are all tired of this class. been 11 weeks. one more week to go. >> i need to get these mraps out. >> my purpose is to get the recruits prepared for the construction training. >> what you do is get a 2 by 6 sitting on the saw horses. we will cut 10 feet. everybody going to get one and you measure up 6 inches. you sure you got 8 feet. >> as a carpenter you have to let them know what's expected and they need to know the stuff to get going on the trades. >> the main thing they need to
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know is how to carry the stuff on the job and the hussle. >> you can't work with the gloves. >> my part is a small part. my part is the best part. the part that really teaches them how to go out and fish rather than go to the fish market. my job is how to teach them to fish when the fish market is closed. >> this requires i thinking. when you go on the job site they will pay you 20-15, dollars an hour you have to think and figure stuff out and get the jobs done in a record time. >> one of the things we try to teach with the construction trades is your attitude going to work. how employers look on new workers and it's about profitability and productivity.
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it's not how much swings it takes to drive, you know, ita about do you have the right attitude? can you show up on time? can you make the company money? >> 12.5 times 15. >> i don't want you to use the calculator. >> the students go through approximately 420 some hours of training. we operate at the campus of the community college a 12 week, full time program, 7-3:30. >> if you were going to figure out how much [inaudible] you need you rounding up. >> average age of individuals in the trades is in the 40's from what we are told. in the 50's quite frankly those folks are getting ready to retire. we see a void.
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>> the average is making 60-80 thousand dollar a year more with benefits much it's hard work i will not lie. >> if you like working with your hands and creative and you look at a building and say, i did that finish and that building is there for a hundred years. come to my program you will work for anyone in the country. >> we send people to the dry waller the carpenters and the plummers. >> we are conscious who we give a job referral to. >> we look at the skills part as far as hayou do with a hammer and nail there are other components to be able to be a team player. be able to take directs and be precise and punctual things like
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this you need to help you keep your jobs. >> we will looking at the interviews today and doing the critiquing from the papers. >> i was thinking last week we were talking ask that was so much thinking going on about the interview and how i was going to do it. >> i feel like, me, as an african-american woman and older woman with children i feel i have to set an example. a lot of people don't know how to deal with anger and conflicts. the kids here look up to me. if i do something and don't set
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an example then they are going to follow. since i've been a positive roll model, coming to school everyday. some of those kids pick up on that and i see the improvement in them. >> one thing that i knew but the class helped reinstate is that you have to check yourself. we are all grown adults. >> i try to be motivated in everything i do in my life. if you don't encourage yourself to do something or do things for yourself you can't expect somebody else will do it for you. some people didn't make it to class because they have a bad attitude and decided it wasn't worth it. >> when you do something you have to understand why you are doing it and you can't say and come in and say, i will make good money. construction's not like that you have to want to do it because
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it's not aedz work. you have to want to get up and go to work and do physical labor for 8 hourses. >> i lived next to biotechnology companies and was a recruiter. i was getting tired and felt sluggish. >> i knew from the first day we were outside being outside having fun, climboth ladder and hammer and the physical labor i knew it was something i would enjoy. to say i put 15 years into this and not retire a multimillionaire but retire healthy and feel good about the work i have done.
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>> the greatest accomplishment is you drive by a building or bridge and say, i helped build that bridge or helped build the building on market street. the most greatest reward for me is i taught that student to work on the bay bridge. taught the student operating the crane that student was in my class. >> our goal is to have a core group of people, we are hoping it's over 50 percent of your grads complete and become journey people andup standing good roll models and citizens. the largest public works our city has season in many years going on now the private project that 1 rincon hill. huge project. we had 5 or 6 people work on that project thus far.
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the rebuilding of the academy of science in golden gate park. the rebuilding of our public hospital laguna honda this is on going work with the same contract ors that move successful apprentices from one project to another and keep them working for several years. the construction workers of the future to be the superintendents the construction owners. that's the perfect thing there. that's success.
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>> 2013, i am supervisor norman yee and i will be chairinging this meeting. to my left is supervisor malia cohen and supervisor london breed will be joining us shortly. the clerk today is linda wong. the committee would also like to acknowledge the staff of sfgtv, jesse larsen and nona melkonian who record each of our meetings and make the transcripts available to the public online. madam clerk, are there any announcements? >> yes, mr. chair. please make sure to silence all cell phones and devices. completed speaker cards and copies of any documents to be included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will be
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appear on april 30th, 2013 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise indicated. >> thank you. can you please call item number 1? >> item number 1, hearing to consider appointing four members, terms ending march 1, 2016, to the in-home supportive services public authority. there are four seats and four applicants. >> thank you. we will be hearing from the candidates in the order they appear on the agenda. if patricia webb is here, please approach the microphone. good afternoon, supervisors. obviously i'm not patricia webb, but i think patricia sent you an e-mail which -- my name is patrick [speaker not understood] and i'm the executive assistant at the ihss public authority and a staff liaison to the governing body. >> um-hm. patricia asked me if i would just read her e-mail if that's okay with you.
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it says, i am sorry not to be here with you today, but due to the current state of my disability -- >> sir, excuse me. i'll give you an opportunity to come up when i ask for public comments. me? >> yeah. okay. >> next person is elva hernandez. are you here? hi, elva. good afternoon, supervisors. my name is elva hernandez and i am an in-home support services worker [speaker not understood]. and i have served the board for almost six years and i have been a health care worker for 13 years. i feel that my experience is a long time in the home support service provider and i would like to continue serving on the board.
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i hope that you will approve my reappointment to seat 4. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. any questions? >> yes. good morning or good afternoon to you. good afternoon. >> i would like to -- you've been on the board you said six years, correct? yes. >> can you tell me from the worker -- some of the things you accomplished in the last six years? the last six years? >> yes. well, i'm sorry. but when i came here, any time i get a lot of nerves. it's really hard for me. >> i understand. i'm that way, too. yes, just, you know, just casually talk about -- six years is a long time. tell us about some of the things you accomplished, what you like about the role, why we should reappoint you.
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there's no right or wrong answer. just wanted an opportunity to get to know you a little bit better. yeah, because i'm like that because i can respond for the latino workers. >> so, what do you do specifically within the latino community? the latino community? >> um-hm. [speaker not understood]. i can't answer. >> okay. i'm sorry. >> that's okay. thank you. >> thank you. kelly dearman, are you here? tatiana kostanian. can you hear me? >> yes.
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okay, good afternoon. my name is tatiana kostanian. i am in-home support services for the elderly and disabled. i'm also a [speaker not understood] disability councilmember. and if i may, i'm using my computer here to tell you why i would like this position. because i understand what the elderly and the disabled public needs and deserves. they deserve respect and the dignity of [speaker not understood] and justice just like the general public has. >> i have a follow-up question. it's good to see you. how long have you been on this commission, on this board? since maybe about four years ago. >> what's your most proudest moment? i'm sorry? >> what in your four years that you've been in the body, what makes you most proud of the work that you've done?
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first, i had two mayors to ask me to choose -- to sit on the board. and i want to do it because i have since 1962 really worked with the elderly and the disabled and victims of trauma and a wide vary sources of communities, people, locally and globally who have come to really fight for their rights in [inaudible] possible. it's something that you cannot express what you've learned and the circumstances [speaker not understood] to make you understand why they need somebody to defend them. it's just -- it's a wonderful way of opening up a vista and not sitting there in your own situation and saying, that's all i need to look at. i have to look and see what
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america needs. if i can't, if i can't help them, that's a deficit for all of us. >> thank you very much. >> okay. seeing no further questions, thank you. thank you. >> patrick, i'm sorry. i probably misheard you. you wanted to speak on behalf of patricia webb? and kelly. maybe i didn't identify myself. >> no, i wasn't -- i'm the executive assistant at the ihss public authority and i also serve as the staff liaison to the board. kelly dearman is the dhs, department of human services commissioner on our board and has been for several years. she has run her own elder law -- elder issues law practice and worked for the s.f. city
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attorney's office representing child welfare workers. she's very articulate and knowledgeable about budget and finance matters and has made a valuable contribution to our board. and i just wanted to add she has the full support of her fellow board members and the public authority. trisha, you may have read her e-mail, but due to the current state of her disability, she's pretty much confined to her apartment. we teleconference her into all our meetings. she served on the san francisco public authority board also for several years. four of these are renominations, excuse me. and she's been board secretary for most of that time. she is also a wheelchair user and a younger consumer of ihss services. she's also been a disability rights advocate of many years both at planning for elders and she continues to work with community living campaign.
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in addition to the long-term care coordinating council and the community alliance for disability advocates. and, again, as with kelly, she has the full support of her fellow board members and the public authority staff. thank you. >> thank you. at this point i'd like to acknowledge that supervisor london breed has joined the meeting. is there any public comments for this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. [gavel] >> can we -- colleague, any thoughts? otherwise can we make a motion to waive the residency requirement for seat 4? i move the nomination of patricia webb. >> actually, i just want to have a quick question. is there staff from
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in-homeservices public authority? >> he just spoke. >> come on up, patrick. i want to talk about the residency waiver requirement. generally the waiver requirement is requested because you cannot find someone in the city and county of san francisco to occupy this particular seat. so, you mean to tell me that in all of san francisco you're not able to find someone to occupy seat 4? >> [speaker not understood] is a representative on our board. and she was nominated by the public authority registry counselors and right around the time she was nominated, she moved and that was why we asked for the residency waiver which she received at that time. >> i see. so, she originally lived in san francisco? a yes. >> thank you for the clarification. thank you very much. ~ elva hernandez. >> supervisor breed. >> thank you. i apologize for being late today. was elva here earlier to speak? >> um-hm. >> okay. i traditionally am not really a
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fan of waiving the residency requirement unless there are specific cases, like the department of public health had a case in which they needed a specific person and a certain discipline and it was a challenging role to fill. and in those particular cases, clearly i would be open to waiving the residency requirement. in this case, i'm not certain that i feel comfortable with doing that without more information. i think it's important to look at alternatives when these seats become available, the goal is to make sure they're residents of san francisco have the ability to serve. and there are many capable, i'm sure, san franciscans who have not only the ability, but the desire to serve. ~ and, so, i'm not necessarily comfortable with waiving the residency requirement. i'm happy to move forward with
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the recommendations for the other seats, but i am not -- i'm happy to continue it until further information is gathered, but at this time i'm not prepared to waive the residency requirement for that seat. thank you. >> what i'd like to do is just split this into two parts. is there a motion to nominate patricia webb for seat 2, kelly dearman for seat 6, and tatiana kostanian for seat 9 in the in-home supportive services public authority -- [speaker not understood]. >> i second that motion. a i have to have a first.


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